View Video Recording: The History of Recorded Music is and was the dream show that continues to mark us: an eight-hour series on the history of American music with the thread being technology, all the way from Thomas Edison’s invention of the phonograph through Napster’s Shawn Fanning and the digital age. We supervised, edited and shot 66 interviews with some of the most prestigious, acclaimed and even controversial names in music history: Phil Spector, Billy Joel, Norah Jones, Chuck D, Clint Eastwood, BB King, Flea, Paul Simon, Smokey Robinson, Les Paul, Grandmaster Flash, Priscilla Presley and so many other musicians and artists. Recording also afforded us the opportunity to work in close coordination with our the late, great producer Phil Ramone, who turned into a good friend. Our executive producers included impresario Quincy Jones, producer Larry Rosen of GRP records, and the jazz cat Ramsey Lewis. And we’re proud to say, our colleague Sam Norval shot all of the amazing imagery for this series which decorates our office walls and much of our website.